Monday, 20 July 2009

five week plan

My plan was to write. Have I written? A big, resounding NO. But I had also planned to catch up with life, give myself some space, do a little introspecting and have some fun. It was a good month, June 18 to July 18. I did everything but write. The hell with introspection too. We tend to analyse too much anyway. I did give myself space though. From things which normally occupy huge spaces in my head. Maybe that’s how I had fun over the last month.

Alas the time for action and introspection has arrived yet again.

Now I have some new plans. Of course it involves a lot of writing. It also involves meeting new people and discovering new things, perhaps placing myself in situations I’ve never been in before.

Five year plans? Nah. I may die in the next five weeks, forget five years. Which means… I’d better finish my discovering soon!