Tuesday, 28 February 2012

time watches from the shadows

Dear February,

Thank you for taking a risk with me and dropping so many things into my existence. Maybe you knew I would not stray far from my heart. Or that I would get a little closer to its darkened desires; ones I have blanketed and burned in the daily humdrum that was my life.

Thank you for the people who have brought me closer to myself, who have pushed me and who still push, who encourage me and care enough to put up with my random outburst of love-anger.
Thank you for this place. I’m not sure I want to go back ‘home’ now. My heart lies within myself, it seeks to learn, to create for its own self, but it still beats for others who cannot be here.

Ok, dramatics aside, this has been a fabulous month and went by much too fast – in wisps of writing, fairy tales, strange dreams, windy days, aching stockinged feet, nuggets of cider and laughter, split ends, waitressing, Sherlock Holmes, long discussions, sunshine, cottony clouds and thick accents. It feels like I need more time. Which I don’t have. Tick tock time, like the mute character in my last story said. March, if you could slow time down a little bit for me, that would be nice  if not, well, I’ll try to keep up with it all.