Friday, 9 March 2012


Life’s like poetry

Sweeping in an instant,
Grey clouds flashing past seconds,
An image bringing familiarity
Like your mother’s hands,
And hatred like the girl who
Made you cry at school.
A lone slice of apple when the
Others have been eaten,
An empty beach when you
Miss your love.
An overlooked semicolon
Left hanging by itself,
Smudged mascara tears
Becoming ink on paper.

Life’s like fiction

A beginning that has hope
A middle that is lost, too much action
An end that the characters decide
You have no control
Except over punctuation.
Rules are made,
Logic is defied,
Words are written, erased,
Re-written, betrayed,
It will never be a perfect draft.

Life’s like sleep

Wide awake when you
Want to sleep
Lights outside when you’re
Alone, wishing for warmth
Keeping you awake
Flickering like a new life
Waking you up when you
Finally find a warm dream to
Hold on to tight.